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Posted: Mon, 15th Nov 2004, 9:20pm

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I don't know if anyonehas seen the last samurai. But in the movie, when someone was sliced a cut was actually shown appearing as the person swung the sword. Someone who has seen the movie should know what I'm talking about. I was wondering if someone could make a gash plugin. Or if not tell me how to do it.
Posted: Mon, 15th Nov 2004, 9:47pm

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Do it in production, not post. I don't know how, but it is much easier and better.
Posted: Mon, 15th Nov 2004, 9:53pm

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I think it was in Gladiator they had a sword with a hollow blade and a small hole right at the tip, then they filled the blade with a little fake blood so when you swing the blade, the blood sprays across in a straight line following the path of the blade. Then you'd have to either fall down quickly and/or cut to a shot with proper make up effects.
Posted: Tue, 16th Nov 2004, 5:01am

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That one's easy. You abduct someone that nobody will miss, then you actually slit their throat open, dispose of the body, and tell everyone it was special effects. twisted