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why does nothing ever work on this site!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Sun, 21st Nov 2004, 10:37am

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hi everyone , i have just come back from a holiday and want to learn more about the chromonator. it is working except when i want a video tutorial or any kind of tutorial. the browser opens up and the site is being updated, what the f**k is going on man. i try going back as often as i can but the same thing comes up. the manuals are crap cause they are in code format, i mean what is the point in having software if you dont know how to use it.SOMEONE TELL WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Sun, 21st Nov 2004, 10:44am

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Not sure what you mean by the manuals being in 'code' format. They are in PDF format, which is a standard way of distributing large documents about the internet. You can read it using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from here:

Which pages in particular can you not access? Try using the menus at the top of the screen. If you want access to the Chromanator tutorials, just go here:

Hope this helps.

Is anybody else having similar problems?
Posted: Sun, 21st Nov 2004, 1:54pm

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It appears the rest of us have the capability to press the "search for programs" button that windows presents us with when it tries to open an unknown file format. razz