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Bird's Eye View tracks zoom out

Posted: Mon, 29th Nov 2004, 5:23pm

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Hey everyone,

For class I'm doing an epiphany and i decided to shoot most of it on greenscreen. I'm now composited and some of my shots I'm having trouble finding backdrops for so I'm hoping that you guys can help.

The character is in the middle of nowhere, near (on) some traintracks and he is lost. The shot is overhead and I need some footage zooming out revealing that he really is in the middle of nowhere where train tracks happen to cross. The zoom out needs to go quite far so taking a still image won't really work unless I had one with a really crazy resolution. The zoom out needs to be such that the person is pretty much disappearing in the frame.

Also, i replied in another topic, but here it is again.

I'm looking for something similar to the flying through the clouds shot.

But i need the camera to be swirling around rather than just going through. I don't mean a simple rotation, i mean as the camera as flying it'll go left, then up, then flip, then right and so on. My footage is a person in the clouds being "free". I have the footage shot and its just all over the place and I need clouds like that. Matching up with my footage as to orientation doens't matter, I need a sort of "free-fall yet not falling" look.

Does anybody think they can achieve this with some 3D app maybe? I sort of need this really quickly as I'm working on my last shots and this is due this week.