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request for anime plugins?

Posted: Thu, 2nd Dec 2004, 5:27am

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for any of you who watch anime and see things like huge sweatdrops and other kinda of crazy type of effects that some animes use thanks in advance if anybody knows some stuff
Posted: Tue, 7th Dec 2004, 10:23pm

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Well, since nobody else answered yet, I guess I'll give it a shot.
Search the plugin archives, they're always helpful. As for large sweat drops and overall animation.....go into paint or something and draw the various things you want, yourself. Then put them into the plugin-generator and va'wa'laaah! (Sorry, us Texans cant spell...)

Hope it helps.
Posted: Wed, 8th Dec 2004, 1:04am

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I'm a bit confused here. If you are doing anime, doesn't that require that you draw the pictures (either by hand, or with a 3d app)? And if you are drawing the pictures anyway, why don't you just draw all of the elements you need, rather than adding them later as plug-ins? It seems like you are adding extra steps to your process which aren't necessary.