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Can I make my own folders?

Posted: Fri, 3rd Dec 2004, 10:29pm

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Is there a way to do this? I see that there are only a few folders to put all the plugins into. I wanted to make more folders like for example, I want to make a folder for the stuntman animations. Can I do this? I tried and it took a long time and I eventually quit the program.
Posted: Fri, 3rd Dec 2004, 10:36pm

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Just browse to your AlamDv plugins directory and make a new folder there. You don't do it in the program it's just like you would make a new folder normally.
Posted: Sat, 4th Dec 2004, 12:04am

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Yea, put a new folder into the plugins directory, say you call it, "Magical Fires". When you place plugins into that folder, upon opening the program the plugins will install and be available. The new folder will appear among the ones already in existence.
Posted: Tue, 12th Apr 2005, 2:27am

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yeah then make sure you do the plug-in loader