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Demonic Bat or Gargoyle

Posted: Sat, 4th Dec 2004, 3:02am

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Doing a series of horror shorts. There is a scene where a character holds a sword and battles several demon like bats that hover and swoop passed them. The character would slice through each demon/bat that attacked.

I'm looking for a plugin of this bat/demon/gargoyle that I can use.
Looking at serious distribution. There would be defered payment.

The project is called LIVING DEAD GIRLS.

You can learn more about it here.

You can learn more about my company here.

feel free to email me with any questions at
Posted: Sat, 4th Dec 2004, 4:44am

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A 3d animator would be good for this. This could be a possible plugin, but seriously consider a proffesional job done for a chea price by PMing either Rawree, or billy3d. They have their own little FX business. I have worked with them before: They are frickin pros.
Posted: Sat, 4th Dec 2004, 8:24am

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I love how neither of the links you provided work.
Posted: Sat, 4th Dec 2004, 2:44pm

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They work now if they didnt work before.