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Is there an undo/redo button?

Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2004, 3:10am

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I make a lot of mistakes and I would like to undo some of my mistakes. Is there a way to do this?
Posted: Sun, 5th Dec 2004, 3:11am

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Hold down control and press "Z."
Posted: Wed, 5th Jan 2005, 3:02pm

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Serpent wrote:

Hold down control and press "Z."
Ctrl+Z happens to be the hotlink to "Onion Skin." Whatever that may be. But yeh, it's right under ... one... of the menus.

Evil Microwaves. razz
Posted: Thu, 6th Jan 2005, 8:28pm

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Onion skinning is when the frame before the frame you are viewing is slightly transparent so you can see where it was before.