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Star Wars Explosion!!!

Posted: Sun, 12th Dec 2004, 5:51am

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Ok I know I looked long and hard and I know for sure that this plugin isn't on there.....ok In starwars episode 2 were obiwon is trying to get away form jango in the astroid fields and jango lets a torpedpo or somthing not sure what it's called but anyways it comes out of the ship and does a huge blue vertical ring and it keeps getting bigger(like a ripple in water)...anyways it would be cool if someone could make that huge ring exposion! if your not sure what I'm talking about go rent and watch starwars episod 2 it will make a lot more sense if you see that scene!

I know it's asking a lot but it would look sweet! hopefully I'll learn how to create plugin's myself soon...maybe over break..anyways thanx for taking interest! biggrin ....any feedback would be great!

thanx ...Knubs
Posted: Sun, 12th Dec 2004, 8:06am

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that sounds more like 3d work, not something for a 2d effect.

plugins that are somewhat you are looking for :

you would need to manipulate them with some animation. and mix and match, but I'd suggest doing it with a 3D program, ask someone who knows 3d if you do not know to do it for you, or wait and see what you can play around with alamdv3's 3D explosions.

also, if you had chromonator or some other composition program you could add in this explosion for an added effect:

Posted: Sun, 12th Dec 2004, 7:54pm

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Hey thanx for the links to check out the plugins the frst one and the last one are kinda similar to what I want to see but not what I'm lookin for....I havn't tried to do a plugin or make it 3d so mabey I could try sometime if you know any free programs other than the ones here let me know
Posted: Mon, 13th Dec 2004, 1:20am

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you can try blender