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Windows Me

Posted: Thu, 16th Dec 2004, 9:56pm

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I'm trying to run the Chromanator demo on my computer, but at startup it claims it can't run because it requires Windows 2000/XP. Im running Windows Me, which is the same as 2000. what's up? is there an earlier version available that will run on Me?
Posted: Thu, 16th Dec 2004, 11:52pm

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No, Windows ME is not the same as 2000. Sorry. sad

If you want to upgrade to XP for cheap, you can find Windows XP OEM licenses by searching on Pricewatch. Then all you need is to find an install cd from someone you know, or buy one off of ebay for a reasonable price. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that's perfectly legal (it's the same thing a company that builds computers would do).

Trust me, though, it's worth it! smile
Posted: Tue, 25th Jan 2005, 9:19pm

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Windows ME has issues with alot of things it's good advise to upgrade