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Fake Skin to Make myself look like an Old man

Posted: Sun, 19th Dec 2004, 10:16pm

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Hi, i am dressing up on new years eve to make myself look like a old man.
I want to make it look as effective as possible, ideally like they do in jack ass the movie! I have been told copydex glue stuff could be a cheap method, has anyone got any sugerstions for me. I am not sure about copydex, whether it would be good for my skin? bit dodgy maybe?
I would like to get it done all properly but reckon it be a bit expensive. But im sure there must be something i could use myself, and look nearly as good, any ideas?
Posted: Sun, 19th Dec 2004, 10:56pm

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I recomend searching the forums first, of try consulting The Ultimate FAQ in the Filmmakers forum.
Posted: Sun, 19th Dec 2004, 11:50pm

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Try checking out this thread
Posted: Mon, 20th Dec 2004, 9:15pm

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That is exactly what i was looking for! but reckon it will maybe be a bit hard to sort out before new years! I aiint got a problem with spending the money tho! how much cost you reckon for that price?
Posted: Sat, 22nd Jan 2005, 10:09pm

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Somebody move this to Filmmakers Forum!
Posted: Sun, 29th Jan 2006, 5:41pm

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Pretty late reply, but maybe it will help anyone who comes across this. I love doing this, im fourteen and ive gotten many senior citizen discounts.....well, if you want it to look real, i would certianly use a prosthetic, i make my own but you can get some decent pre-made prothetic masks from, and many other resources.