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Question about webcams and frames

Posted: Thu, 23rd Dec 2004, 4:56pm

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Hi everyone I'm new here.

I just purchased AlamDV2 (can't wait for DV3) for some stuff that I'll be doing for my film making class. Right now I just have a really crappy Labtec webcam that I'm using to film with (I'll be getting a DV camcorder for christmas (yay) However I keep having this problem whenever I try and setup a scene involving a gunshot.

Here is the process I take.

1. Record movie
2. Import muzzle flash into frame I want with AlamDV2
3. Go into Windows Movie Maker 2 (i know i know..)
4. Try and put in the gunshot.wav on the frame with the muzzle flash

But, I keep running into this problem where the movie I get (after I finish exporting to .avi from DV2 and loading it into WMM2) that the file (around 1.8 mb) is only one box in my timeline...its not longer (i'd say about an inch on my monitor) and I cant stretch it or anything, nor can I put the sound file into the sound section of the timeline.

Can anyone help me?
Posted: Thu, 23rd Dec 2004, 5:05pm

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I'd say just wait 3 days till christmas to shoot the scene on your new DV camera.
Posted: Thu, 23rd Dec 2004, 10:47pm

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You don't even own Alamdv2?
Posted: Fri, 24th Dec 2004, 9:27am

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Yeah, if you own it, register with your magiccode, or else we whouldn't help you wink