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A Guide to Requesting Plugins

Posted: Sun, 26th Dec 2004, 11:23pm

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Before you request a plugin just read through this first:

1)Ask yourself "Does this effect need to be CG or can it be done for real?"
This especially applies to requests for plugins of things like "People Plugins". Loads of effects (such as blood) can be done as practical effects and will look loads better when done for real.

If it's not possible to do the effect for real then keep reading (Make sure you have made super sure there is no other way to do it)

2) If you're still reading then there's a good chance the plugin you want to request is a 3D effect (e.g a Spaceship) If this is the case then DO NOT request it as a plugin. AlamDv is a 2D application and can therefore do 3D no better than MS Paint. Aside from the fact that objects cannot be moved or rotated on 3 axies, it cannot alter light produce shadows or anything else that would make your scene look realistic. Basically if you tried to use AlamDv for 3D it will look bad and people will laugh.

3) Think "Does my movie need a <Insert 3D object here> or do I just want it to look cool?"

If you still need 3D effects read on.

4) Either:
Learn a 3D program: 3DS Max (
Maya (
Cinema 4D (
Blender (
Lightwave (

or find someone who is willing to help you with your project.
Just post up something in the forums which outlines your project and see if anyone is interested (Off the top of my head) People like myself, Billy3D, Serpent, JamieC7 and rmw all know a bit about 3D and will be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

5) Once you have someone to do the 3D make sure they know what they have to do, send them reference pics, concept sketches, scripts (partial or complete) everything you can to help them out. Also make sure the project isn't a waste of their time, if it's just "Something me and my friends did one boring afternoon, we call it The Random Lightsaber Battle" then they really won't want to help. Make sure you are thankful, put them in the credits, refer them to others who are in a similar situation to you, pay them (?), they are more likely to help you again if you are greatful.

6) Finally, make sure the movie is good. (This applies to all movies)

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Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2004, 10:15am

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This might just be the end of these
Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2004, 3:32pm

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Thanks for the plugin request explanation. I'll kepp all that in mind. All I was requesting before was plug-ins of spiderman like the ones you alreade have available under the "comics" catagory, but with Spidey in the other direction, not a 3D effect.
Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2004, 5:31pm

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Klut wrote:

This might just be the end of these
Haha, thats FUNNY.
Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2004, 5:42pm

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Great advise as always Rawree! smile

although you left Lightwave off your list razz I won't hold it against you smile LOL

and with all that said, if anybody needs any 3D work just post a request, I'm sure there are lots of us 3D people that are dying to work on a legitimate project (I know I am) smile
Posted: Tue, 28th Dec 2004, 1:21am

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Erm...don't know what you mean.....lightwave was always there... wink

I made a tiny ammendment just to list a few 3D people you can contact if you need help.