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Light Saber Blur and Blur option when exporting video

Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2004, 10:13pm

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I'm sure the answer is somewhere among the current posts here, so if someone can forward (via PM) a direct link to these answers, I would be grateful:

1) I've studied some other submissions of light sabers and noticed that a few of them have really good blur effects on them - especially when there is a lot of movement of light sabers (i.e. Art of the Saber). I wasn't sure how this was specifically achieved. And when I mean "blur effects" I mean that the light saber doesn't appear as a straight glowing line, rather the saber has expanded somewhat in some areas creating the illusion of a motion blur.

I assume this can be easily done with manipulation the pre-installed plug-ins or another simple option within AlamDV. I would appreciate any visual examples via PM or posts.

2) I've also noticed that there are blur options when exporting from AlamDV - specifically, this option appears on the first window when you wish to export to Quicktime. Additionally there was an option within the drop down menu to export as Lightsaber only (or something similar to this).

I would appreciate what situations people have used this option, as I've always selected "None" as the blur option.

These questions may be interrelated and/or have answers which are already posted on this site. As such, feel free to just send me the links to the answers so I can ask the FXHome mods to delete this potentially redundant question.

Thanks as usual
Posted: Mon, 27th Dec 2004, 11:46pm

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The lightsaber only blur option will give you a cleaner and more refined saber look; the rendering takes longer, however.