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export finished result

Posted: Tue, 28th Dec 2004, 3:32am

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When i export one of my clips from alamdv 2 and i watch it on quicktime or windows media player it is in slow motion. What can I do to fix this to make it in normal speed?
Posted: Tue, 28th Dec 2004, 7:26am

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First, please answer some questions.

1. Computer Operating System (ex. Windows XP, 2000, etc. MacOSX10.x)?
2. Computer Processor speed
3. Computer RAM (ex. 512MB)
4. What file format are you using (.avi, .mov)
5. What editing program are you useing?
Posted: Tue, 28th Dec 2004, 9:35am

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And what codec you are using? If you have saved it as uncompressed it might take a while to view depending on your RAM.