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Rotation and more...

Posted: Sat, 15th Jan 2005, 6:59pm

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Hi there. I'm a very new AlamDV2 user. My name is Victor and I'm from Barcelona. First at all, congratulations. AlamDV is great!! I wanted to ask for two questions that I still don't understand:

- How can I rotate an effect? I can't do it!
- How can I add a new scale (uniform) for an effect? I know that I can manipulate the square, but what I say is something like 50% size in all the effect duration.

Well, that's all. Thanks and now it's time to download new plug-ins smile
Posted: Sat, 15th Jan 2005, 7:01pm

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Rotate: Right click and drag on one of the corner control points of the effect.
Uniform Scale: Right click and drag the middle control point.