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Advanced masking

Posted: Tue, 18th Jan 2005, 11:01pm

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Hi there. At last I understand masking! But is there any way for advanced and more complexe masking work? The problem is that with square, round and triangle masks is very difficult to mask, for example, a face or a hand. So which is the way for this? Or it can't be made... maybe...
Posted: Tue, 18th Jan 2005, 11:05pm

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AlamDV 3 will have a complex masking system like Chromanators. Check out the Chromy demo to see.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jan 2005, 11:08pm

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Tommy Gundersen

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So alamdv 3 can mask better too! COOOOL!
Posted: Mon, 31st Jan 2005, 4:23pm

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Lord Soth

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Buy chromantor... That could fix brightness, contrast. masking and much more:D Too bad I cant afford to pay so much yet:( hehe...
But I will get it some day.

Posted: Mon, 31st Jan 2005, 4:54pm

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Heh, Skytta, did you just enter with your other acount, posted something and rated it?