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Custom Project Setting

Posted: Fri, 28th Jan 2005, 7:09pm

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I am having some difficulties with the custom project settings. I am making stop motion films at 640x480 resolution. I am using freeware called MonkeyJam to capture the JPEGs using my webcam and build the clips as uncompressed AVI files.

The custom project settings I am using in Chromanator are:

- Name : Stop Motion
- Size : 640 x 480
- Aspect Ratio : Square Pixels
- Scan Mathod : Progressive
- Framrate : 15 fps
- Sampling : 4:1:1

I have two questions. Firstly, does anyone know why I am getting an I/O error message when I try to save these custom settings? And secondly, are these the best settings for the type of source I am using? Whilst I seem to be getting fairly good results, I have a niggling doubt that I have set something up wrong.

Posted: Fri, 28th Jan 2005, 7:12pm

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Your problem is the name of your project. Change the name, and you'll be fine.

I'm lying, but I just had to, because the name is completely irrelevant. I am honestly very sorry that I can't help. I'm in a weird mood.
Posted: Sat, 29th Jan 2005, 12:00am

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Hey, aculag, i was in a wierd, retard mood the other night too! Welp, anyway, you probably want to shoot the movie at 29 fps, that might change things up for you.