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An Effect with transparency

Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2005, 11:36am

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Wow my first post wink

I want to make a Kamehameha like in Dragon Ball.In After Effect was it easy but i can only use the colour white.

Now i want to try it in ALAM DV2.The plugin's i want to use, is the photon und hadryuken plugin.

In the first part the photon should load up.The transparency force up from 0% to 100 %.And thats my problem the photon effect haven't any controller for transprency.

Can somebody help me please smile

--->any mistake in post is intent, because thats school english fom germany.And you know the results of the pisa study hehe
Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2005, 11:42am

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It does not have transprency?

I have one idea, you could open the plugin as still image in chromanator, and adjust it there. It should work. But then you have to buy alam and chromy. I don't know how much money you have.
Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2005, 12:29pm

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i read something about the masks.
The masks stand for the transparency but it doesn't work redface

can you do this with cromanator?
Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2005, 1:55pm

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Alright, one idea, and you mentioned, is with Masks.

Now, the masks are while objects that will stay visable UNTIL YOU RENDER, so, dont expect them to work immediately.

Now, masks have transparency, so if your plugin doesnt you can use a mask! Now say you want your plugin to be 60% visable, you put a mask over the plugin, and adjust the mask to 40% transparency thus making the plugin's outcome of 60%. Render, and see. Now, you don't have AlamDV so I don't know if the trial is able to render some sort of watermarked video or not. But it will help if you buy the program first because you can't download the plugins.

Now, you may have a friend who has the program, so then I guess you could.

Hope this helps you, and welcome to FXHome.

Andrew biggrin
Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2005, 4:26pm

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Ummm, you don't own Alam DV2 now do you? How are you getting plugins?
Posted: Sun, 30th Jan 2005, 10:57pm

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It could be frozen's long lost friend.