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script error

Posted: Mon, 7th Feb 2005, 5:01am

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WTF, i got really excited because this program looks f'n awsome. but any time i try to import a movie it either says script error or index out of range. i've been looking on your forums found stuff about matrox (when i downloaded that it said it cant run a ms DOS program boggle) ive downloaded a bunch of codecs, and you guys say it should work automatically but it doesnt. how do i change the codec/ export...I have three different editing programs and i cant find anything that says export(Windows movie maker, roxio media creator, and ulead) please help me.
Posted: Mon, 7th Feb 2005, 9:10pm

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Were you the one in the chat last night?

Try reeintalling.
Posted: Tue, 8th Feb 2005, 12:59am

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Re-installing won't fix the problem.

Try re-encoding the file with a program like VirtualDub, available free from

There are tutorials on how to use VDub on the net, search for them to find out how to save a .avi file in a different codec.

But, just to let you know, you won't have this problem once AlamDV3 is released, which should be in the near future.

Hope this helps smile

Posted: Tue, 8th Feb 2005, 1:05am

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In Movie Maker, try going to save movie. Continue til you get to Movie Setting & click show more choices. Go to other settings & choose DV-AVI (or the Matrox or other codecs such as Cinepak or Quicktime if they appear there). Save as that & see if you can import the finished file into AlamDV. If not, do as Arktic suggests.