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question again! What is a marker? there arent any!?

Posted: Thu, 10th Feb 2005, 6:20am

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what is a "marker" there is a button that says "markers" but what do they do? and when i click it, nothing happens... and also... i checked and there are none installed.... what do they do and how do i make them? will they make my editing any easier? i feel like im doing everything the hard way... frame by frame light swords... (alamdv 1 style to place the initial and then switch to alamdv 2 style to move them one frame at a time)... my only real concern at the moment is the "markers" button...
thanks for everyones help so far!
Posted: Fri, 11th Mar 2005, 10:22pm

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your markers as in begining and end markers mark the beginning and end of a clip without setting them you won't have a finished clip or just a partial one right click hold and drag on markers to move them
Posted: Mon, 21st Mar 2005, 11:45pm

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you are doing it the hard way, it is simplier to use the AlamDV1 method the entire time smile