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FXHOME Hosting?

Posted: Fri, 11th Feb 2005, 6:59pm

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Does the service not provide hosting of our movies?

I wondered because my website server isnt terribly reliable, so it goes down sometimes and then I get URL warning e-mails in my inbox... I originally thought that the fxhome website or something hosted the files!

Silly me.
Posted: Fri, 11th Feb 2005, 7:01pm

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The only thing of yours that FXHome hosts is your avatar. It's up to you to find the hosting. You should've searched the forums first, because there are about 70 FXHomers offering free hosting that is manageable. In fact, there's a thread on it now.

This is what you're gonna wanna go with:

Oh, and as for this thread: Lock it.