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Codec Problem HELP

Posted: Tue, 15th Feb 2005, 4:43am

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I just installed this program dont know much about it but I am importing my AVI file that I recorded using Adobe Premier and it is telling me for all my videos that I am using the wrong Codec.What codec should I be using and how can I change the codec on all my current avi files so this software suppoerts it? HELP
Posted: Tue, 15th Feb 2005, 10:49am

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What codec are you using? It's likely it is the MicrosoftDV codec. To get round this, simply export your clips as uncompressed/no codec from Premiere (you can change this in export settings).

You can also try installing the MatroxDV codec and using that instead, but some people have trouble with this. You can read more about that here: