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Lightsaber "fan"

Posted: Fri, 18th Feb 2005, 5:09am

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When i view my footage of me with a lightsaber it is blurred quite often and isnt a full shap as you would expect (it fans out into more of a triangle shape) what do i do in this situation, im not sure if i just cover all of the fan shape or what

thanks a lot
Posted: Fri, 18th Feb 2005, 6:33am

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Yea, cover the fan shape completely... Watch the Star Wars movies, and you'll see that they did the same thing. If they were completely straight all the time, the effect wouldn't cell as well.
Posted: Fri, 18th Feb 2005, 10:38am

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Simon K Jones

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That's due to natural motion blur. It's actually very useful, as it enables you to simulate motion blur with your effect - simply cover over the whole segment.