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Background for "wall of weapons"

Posted: Mon, 21st Feb 2005, 2:37pm

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I'm planning to create a "wall of weapons" for a project in one of my independent study classes. To be more specific, I'm planning to create a wall and various weaponry in Maya which will then be composited into a footage with a green screen wall which I have access to at the University. My vision of the wall, would be a simple rack system. While, my preference of weapons would be ancient hand-to-hand combat weaponry, modern firearms (pistols, automatics), light-to-medium weaponry, etc.

I know this will be a significant project. As such I'd like any help for creating this background for a wall of weapns. I would prefer some pre-made weapons that someone has made (using Maya or 3DS max) and wouldn't mind me using in my project; I have Maya 6 and I assume I can just import 3D models in my program. However, any suggestions on places where I could get them, textures for weapons and walls, or even overall suggestions on how I should attack this problem is highly appreciated.

If you need any specific questions please don't hesistate to ask. I'm using this post for research in my class so I welcome the suggestions/questions/comments.

PS ~ Chromantor (according to one of my fellow students) is a "schweet-arse program" And I tend to agree biggrin
Posted: Mon, 21st Feb 2005, 2:49pm

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