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Shimmer after applying colour grading

Posted: Wed, 2nd Mar 2005, 10:37am

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I noticed a bit of flickering/shimmering in my rendered clip (high quality) after I applied some colour grading in Chromanator.

The tools I applied are as follows, in order exactly as they appear in Chromanator.

5. Super Contrast (Black 16; White 255)
4. Saturation (0.45)
3. Hue Shift (angle -168; hue -168; strength 100)
2. Spill Suppression (extended; blue)
1. Spill Suppression (extended; green)

The two spill suppression tools are for the keying. The other 3 tools are for the colour grading that I want.

Before (329 KB):

After (261 KB):

It's not to do with any MPG compression; the problem is exactly like that in the uncompressed AVI versions.

Any ideas?