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Charmed Plug-in Please

Posted: Thu, 3rd Mar 2005, 4:46pm

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biggrin HI, just wondering if anyone could make an orbing plugin? There are a few links below of what they look this, thanx

This page shows some pictures of orbing:

Shows objects being orbed but just want someone to orb:

This show animation of someone orbing out:

If you could email me on or just repley it woul be good. Thanx! razz
Posted: Thu, 3rd Mar 2005, 4:50pm

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this shows alot of animations and does take along to download but it shows alot of effets i would use like orbing:
Posted: Thu, 3rd Mar 2005, 5:29pm

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Two things, you have to own AlamDV first, and it doesn't really matter now anyway as they aren't accepting new plugins, I'm sure AlamDV3 will be able to achieve the effect your after (although i'm not sure what it is)
Posted: Fri, 11th Mar 2005, 10:31pm

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You can already do that sort of thing with the program and pluggins, even beter with chroma help!
Posted: Sun, 13th Mar 2005, 12:40pm

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Hi, I know that i have asked this question many times smile, but johnatkins is right, if you use the plugins and you could probably come up with something similar. But AlamDV3 will probably be able to do something like this and if you use Chromy aswell you could get a really nice effect. But the best thing is to use the Orbing idea and make your own effect, or other wise it would be copying, sorry to bring it down. But that is what i do i try and use ideas from films and tv programs (mainly Chamed) and make my own effects.

But hope you are able to get the effect you want soon smile

The effect i want to be able to do is Molecular Combustion a.k.a Piper Blowing things up, lol. I know it is just stock footage, but i can't afford the explosion footage i want. So i am waiting for AlamDV3 to come out as i should be able to do it then.