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green screen aditional help please

Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2005, 3:59am

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I've been through every tutural and they are very helpfull, but can't quite get the green screen full effect. I'm using green material and pinning it to the wall it use to be take the white one way for green out and black the other for more green out but now when I move the back it doesn't do anything. Anyway my problem is it takes green out but not all leaves green chunks all over like the exorcist baby anyways what's the deal too much like not enough light. I'm sure it's a lighting issue any sugestion for lighting? Can anyone help please?
Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2005, 5:46am

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Huh? o.O

Ok first of all.. My english isnĀ“t good enough to understand all of your posting biggrin
BUT if you are asking if your problem is a lighting issue, you should show us a screenshot or a testclip of your greenscreen smile
Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2005, 12:05pm

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Once you take the green out in Chromy, you have to mess about with a couple of the other settings like transparency & feather.

Good lighting always helps. Try bringing a few lamps to where your screen is, stand them on chairs & try to light the screen evenly.

Your sentence above could do with some PUNCTUATION. , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , .

Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2005, 2:39pm

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Also check out the key grade functions. These can leave you with a better key if you use them right. Also, make sure you use spill suppression to clean up unwanted green edges. A slight feather and mel said can make for a cleaner key as well. I can't tell 100% what your tying to say, but I think this is kind of it.
Posted: Sun, 6th Mar 2005, 6:20pm

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Yea, and if any areas of your physical green screen are sub-par, use garbage mattes.