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need help with sizing!

Posted: Tue, 8th Mar 2005, 1:52am

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My green screen clip is way bigger in size then my background clip. When I resize it it the animate process it shows it resizing in the final clip. How can I resize it so it won't show it resizing in final clip?
Posted: Tue, 8th Mar 2005, 2:23am

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make sure you arent starting the resizing process somewhere in the middle of your movie. Go all the way to the beginning and resize it. You can also drag the animation keyframes to the beginning of your project now.
Posted: Tue, 8th Mar 2005, 3:09am

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If by 'showing resizing' you mean that the background is not good quality, and it looks like it's been resized, then you're using a file that's too low in resolution.

The solution - find a better quality clip/picture for the background. There's no way you can resize a low-res file to a large size and expect to retain quality.

Hope this helps.