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Chromanator vs. dvMatte Pro and Seriuos Magic Ultra?

Posted: Wed, 9th Mar 2005, 4:30am

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I've been trying to get decent composites using both dvMatte Pro for After Effects and Serious Magic Ultra. Results are pretty good but still getting some perimeter "flicker" in spots (green spill, I think). I'm using a Sony TRV-39 mini DV camcorder to shoot the footage. Will I have any better results with Chromanator than the two programs I mentioned above?


Posted: Wed, 9th Mar 2005, 4:42am

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Give it a try and see smile
Posted: Wed, 9th Mar 2005, 2:25pm

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Chromanator is best for fixing things that you messed up, like bad greenscreens, bright spots, and the like. Chromy handles shadows and spills very well too. You really need to see it to believe it....biggrin