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green screen advice

Posted: Wed, 9th Mar 2005, 10:24pm

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Is darker Green Better than lighter green I read that somewhere? Any sugestions for building a cheap green room that can be taken down and put away in small area don't have much area to work with but want a full body green screen effect?
Posted: Wed, 9th Mar 2005, 10:58pm

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Hi there

I use a bright green fabric about the same colour as the Xbox logo on the Xbox jewel smile as for a set up buy some cheap piping from B&Q etc and make a frame it'll be light and easy to put up and take down and use those sail rings on the fabric so ya can use rope to tie it up...its easier than it sounds smile

Hope this helps
Posted: Thu, 10th Mar 2005, 1:20am

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Simon K Jones

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'Chroma' green is what you want, or as close as possible, then you want to light it nice and clean and clear and bright - not so bright that it washes out to white or gets highlights, though.