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I'm stumped

Posted: Sat, 12th Mar 2005, 12:37am

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I just purchased chromanator and i love it, except for the rendering is giving me problems. I have tried rendering using all of the different render options but when i play the rendered movie it pauses a little bit in then skips to some other part pauses and ends. I'm am not sure what to do. To get my files into chromantor i first compress them with a seperate program. I'm not sure what FPS my video files are, if you could help me and tell me how to figure that out and solve this problem it would be great. THANKS! smile

Edit: I got it to render well and play it fine except the video is faster than the original footage.
Posted: Sat, 12th Mar 2005, 3:18am

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When you render an uncompressed dv file, no computer can play it in real-time. It will work in your video editor though. Don't worry, everything is there.
Posted: Sat, 12th Mar 2005, 7:07am

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You should be able to play the files in your video editor because they are quicktime. The only program that probably couldnt is WMM and I hope you arnt using that.
Also, it might be a good idea to purchase Quicktime Pro if you do need to compress it for some reason.