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A saber for Anakin!

Posted: Tue, 22nd Mar 2005, 3:55pm

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A Pickle

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Back in the day, my astronomy teacher assigned me, and the rest of the class, a project about the sun. He gave us total freedom in what we chose to do for the project, so I made a movie with a couple of friends.

It really didn't have much... of.. well.. anything to do with the sun, and somehow I got an 'A,' but we consider it to be a Zarf Studios classic in the same level and respect that we consider "Iron Llama." We called it "The Anakin Prodigy."

Based around a happy-go-lucky Star Wars fan who wants to be just like Anakin Skywalker, the seven year-old child prodigy who is somehow capable outflying trained pilots in a space battle, crashing in the landing bay of an enemy ship AND conviently skidding to a stop with his torpedo launchers conveniently pointing DIRECTLY towards the main reactor, and then escaping happily to go and build a protocol droid for the hell of it. And maybe a podrace... cause... this... seven year old can do that, too.

Anyways, towards the end of our movie, the protagonist gets a lightsaber as does the antagonist, and they begin to duel. SO... I don't... really know what... good settings/plugins to use for a good lightsaber effect in Alam that is true to the star wars movies themselves.

Anyone wanna help?
Posted: Tue, 22nd Mar 2005, 3:58pm

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Simon K Jones

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Wait for AlamDV3. smile
Posted: Tue, 22nd Mar 2005, 4:06pm

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A Pickle

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Tarn wrote:

Wait for AlamDV3. smile

Well... I've got Alam 2... and... is Alam 3 really that close?

EEE? biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin?!?!?!!?
Posted: Mon, 18th Apr 2005, 1:42pm

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in the now films

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yeah its pretty close
Posted: Wed, 20th Apr 2005, 7:53pm

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Remco Gerritsen

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I think they R finished next week !*
*I'm not a mind reader srry :p

P.S.: Always read the small signs razz

EDIT: I think I'm gonna to make the letters a bit smaller razz
Posted: Thu, 5th May 2005, 5:15am

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if you really dont want to wait for Alamdv3, 2 comes with a set of "lightsword" plugins that are fairly useful. for the clashes, if you want to hand animate them frame by frame, you can use the lightbulbs plugin set to white and animate it showing up at the impact of the sabers and fading over the next 3 or 4 frames. or, you can just use the photo_clash plugin, i dont think that looks as good though, its too fast