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Digigrade completion

Posted: Wed, 23rd Mar 2005, 10:03pm

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Underdog Productions

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Sorry to post yet another digigrade question, but here goes. I know you are beavering away with Alam3 and that it's around 95% complete, so I'm happy to wait quietly for that, but please could you give me a few bits of info on digigrade's progress?

Stuff like how much % it's completed and a very very very rough estimate of any kind of release date. I'm just so eager to get my dirty mits on it. It's why I check this site everyday for any crumbs of info.

So please CBS, I beg of you, make me a very happy man and tell me things I need to hear.

God bless you.
Posted: Wed, 23rd Mar 2005, 10:10pm

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Andrew Birtwell wrote:

So please CBS, I beg of you, make me a very happy man and tell me things I need to hear.
CBS = Broadcasting Company: wink

I think you mean "CSB". biggrin
Posted: Wed, 23rd Mar 2005, 10:49pm

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I don't think you shouldm be worrying about that. This copmmunity is very unique in that the developers of a new software very rarely communicate so much with the users. I personally am blown away by their generous release of data that most other companies do not make public until, much closer to or on the actual release date. While this is all very cool. Blast you CSB for waving it in front of out noses so!