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Lightsaber Tutorial?

Posted: Sun, 3rd Apr 2005, 1:21pm

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Hi guys im very new to this program and it looks very interesting, and many people like me are keen to make there first lightsaber clip.
i have made a small footage of my holding a wooden sword and wanted to turn the sword to a lightsaber... i know how to make a lightsaber effect but when it comes to moving around i am lost how to make the effect longer and just refit the effect to the wooden sword, if someone could tell me the basics of it i have read a few tutorials i still seem lost or even a small video tutorial to a small LS clip would be ace thanks guys.
Posted: Sun, 3rd Apr 2005, 4:32pm

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vilhelm nielsen

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look at tarn's tutorials

that's all i need to say

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Posted: Sun, 3rd Apr 2005, 7:28pm

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You could say "manual" too.