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Dont know how to loop!

Posted: Thu, 7th Apr 2005, 10:34pm

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hey, im new to the alamdv editing world and i have a problem. I need to know how to loop an animated effect like the M-16 gunfire effect. I tried copy-pasteing but I am not sure if this is the correct way to do it. Please help me.
Posted: Sun, 10th Apr 2005, 3:03pm

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Tommy Gundersen

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As I've understood it, the animations who's loopable, are made so the end of the animation is the same as the start, so you can just put on the same animation again, then it'll look like that it's the same...biggrin
Posted: Thu, 28th Apr 2005, 3:16pm

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if you havnt done it yet all you have to do is Right click on the mouse or on mac its control click