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turning on lightsaber

Posted: Fri, 8th Apr 2005, 6:46pm

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j man

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i want to make it look like im turning on the lightsaber. How would i be able to do this with a plastic lightsaber because i couldn't use the lightsaber effect on just a portion of the saber because u would obviously see the plastic part of it?
Posted: Fri, 8th Apr 2005, 6:51pm

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Have a clip of the person pretending to ignite the saber with the plastic part down. Then, cut to a clip where it is back up.
Posted: Fri, 8th Apr 2005, 8:34pm

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Yes, you will just use key framing, but you will have to use an edit in between saber interaction, and the actual ignition. For the ignition, just key frame it so it is dissapeared in frame one, then in frame 2, have it really short, then skip six frames and drag the top up to the length you want it. Make sure it looks good. Then go back and through every frame match it up to the hilt of the saber. After you are done with that, have a seperate clip, camera in another position of them fighting or whatever.
Posted: Sat, 9th Apr 2005, 12:37am

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Also, if you have compositing software, you can lock down the camera and shoot your actors with blade extended already, pretending to ignite it. Then shoot the background without moving the camera. Then, put the actors clip above the background clip in your compositor (chromy, for example), and then mask out the blade for the frames you don't want it, and then gradually extend the mask like the method serpent mentioned. That way it looks like the actual prop is extending, and you can get the blade of the saber to be perfectly straight, and not goof it up at all. This does restrict use of interesting camera moves or what not, but its exact and works.