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Uncompressed .mov playback problems

Posted: Tue, 19th Apr 2005, 2:10pm

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Richard Summers

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I created a small test effect in alamdv, I click on export as quicktime .mov and accept the default settings.
I then render the movie and choose UNCOMPRESSED .mov with millions of colours.
Everything goes ok and after about 30 seconds a nice little .mov icon appears on my desktop smile

I then double click on it and i get an error message saying that the movie is in a format not supported by quicktime sad

How can this be if it is an UNCOMPRESSED .mov ?????

Could this problem be because i am running alamdv in classic mode from OS X.

Please help as i have been waiting for months for alamdv3, and now i cant even use alamdv2.

Posted: Tue, 19th Apr 2005, 6:18pm

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I don't really know what could be the problem, but isn't 30 seconds a bit fast (I don't know how long the clip is) even for a small effect test.

You can try contacting malone, Schwar or Tarn using PM.
Posted: Tue, 19th Apr 2005, 8:00pm

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try compressing it, when i dont i sometimes get colour problems, jerky footage etc so i compress everytime, u dont lose quality, i dont use a mac so it could be