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Any one need moving backgrounds

Posted: Fri, 22nd Apr 2005, 5:39pm

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If any body needs moving backgrounds check them out here...... pandromedia
Posted: Sat, 23rd Apr 2005, 1:43am

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Look at the topic's name below this... Priceless.
Posted: Sat, 23rd Apr 2005, 3:16am

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Those are horrible. I hope no one uses these. Someone ELSE made them and they aren't that good. If you made them and used them I would say, nice work. But they are not yours, I would not use this. :-\ And it is Pandromeda, not Pandromedia. smile
Posted: Mon, 16th May 2005, 6:42pm

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The video machine

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Quite a lot of them are useless anyway, what possible use is a black and white blubble floating around background?

It's the thought that counts however, even though it is posted on the forums somewhere else
Posted: Sun, 26th Jun 2005, 1:59pm

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Actually it looks pretty good, I have tried 3ds Max 7. I'd say that the Pandromeda program does a good job. It would serve closer to my budget than 3ds Max.

I think I might try out the program in future.

Thanks NewSithOrder.
Posted: Sun, 3rd Jul 2005, 11:48pm

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I am a maya user i must say this is horrible. the movies are very non realistic and im willing to bet took no time at all. I did better on my first time using maya. im sure thers other sites that are better i wouldint use this in eny movie i would make try using digital juice or artbeats for moving backgrounds as for animation i know theres a site out there that makes monsters and so on and animate it for ya for a small fee i forgot the site but ill try to get it.