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Need Help quick.

Posted: Sat, 23rd Apr 2005, 10:10pm

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when I am making the special effects to my movie (in Alam DV2) I can't edit the effects again after making a certain number (hundred and something) of new effects. Does anyone know why and what I can do to edit the effects I made earlier? Also, when i make new effects it doesn't appear a new yellow square
Posted: Sun, 24th Apr 2005, 9:33pm

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j man

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im quite new to the program myself, but u have to make sure that u click on the effect that u want to edit so it looks orange. then click modify and edit. Also, to see the box, make sure the slider is actually on the effect and not somewhere else in the movie
Posted: Sun, 24th Apr 2005, 10:11pm

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Tip: Export your movie, then import that file back in. You shouldn't really be adding 100 effects all at the same time. Rendering will take some time... crazy
Posted: Sun, 24th Apr 2005, 10:13pm

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Do you own a copy of Alam??