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AlamDV2 activation code

Posted: Wed, 27th Apr 2005, 3:43am

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Hello guys,

I'm trying to find my info...can't seem to find it. I purchased AlamDV2 and then later purchased Chromy, which I have the info for. (I did "key resender" earlier today and it sent back info for Chromy...what about AlamDV2?)

When OS10.4 arrives I'm planning on doing a clean install. I don't want to end up not being able to put AlamDV back on my drive.

I need to know that I'll have no problems reinstalling AlamDV or the new EffectsLab!

Thank you,
Posted: Wed, 27th Apr 2005, 10:17pm

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try to pm malone, schwar or tarn
Posted: Fri, 8th Jul 2005, 8:26am

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Where is my magic code? I am bought alamdv2
Posted: Fri, 8th Jul 2005, 8:42am

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If you're having any key/serial/magic code issues that the key resender can't resolve then please email Make sure you give us enough details so we can find your transaction (name, email, zip/postcode).