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Erronous Movie Links Warning

Posted: Wed, 27th Apr 2005, 8:01am

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I just got an automatic message that a link in the cinema to our movie is broken. However, as far as I can determine, the link is fully functional. I can't find if there is a specific person I should be PM-ing about this.
It is this link:

Regards, Eelco
Posted: Wed, 27th Apr 2005, 8:19am

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The link checker checks all the links at the end of each day. If there is a problem at that time then it will send the warning. It's possible there was a temporary problem at that time which was then corrected (the email should tell you what the problem we encountered was).

The right thing to do is to contact us and resubmit the link, which it looks like you've done. We'll check it out and put the movie back up if there arnt any problems.