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Chromanator rendering size/ resolution

Posted: Sun, 1st May 2005, 12:52pm

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The video machine

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If I wanted to create a widescreen style type movie, about 800 by 457 for instance, and in chromanator i'm just adding actors into the scene which is already widescreen, chromanator either crops the footage, or leaves these black blocks on the top and bottom of the frame, ruining the way i want the movie. So how about this, in the next version of chromy, there should be a way to choose what resolution you want and what you want cropped in the right way. So how about creating a tool which you create a box around what you want rendered and have more rendering options, rather than just uncompressed or quick render.
Posted: Sun, 1st May 2005, 1:15pm

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I don't know whether that would solve the problem. You should edit your movie in all its stages (e.g. video editor, AlamDV & Chromanator) in full screen before adding widescreen bars to the footage, especially because in AlamDV for example effects can leak onto the black unless you create tons of masks.
Posted: Sun, 1st May 2005, 1:37pm

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Simon K Jones

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Try creating a custom project with the settings you want to use.