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Transparant problems

Posted: Sat, 7th May 2005, 6:59pm

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Remco Gerritsen

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Hey guys, I've planned to buy the chromonator. Well, bought a screen to test it.

And I filmed a test movie. Well the result

Could it depend on the screen ???

Edit: BTW: My 100th post !
Posted: Sat, 7th May 2005, 7:52pm

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Are you using any of the Key Grade tools to make the screen more Green? And also maybe use the "Super Contrast" tool to sharpen up the edges in your hair.

Posted: Sun, 8th May 2005, 2:56am

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Also, play around with the White point and black point sliders in the color key options.
Posted: Sun, 8th May 2005, 5:15pm

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Make sure you've read this :

Normally fixing a poor green screen just means a little bit of manual work and it's not often that you need to reshoot. If worst comes to worst, send me a still clip of the footage and I'll have a fiddle with it in Chromanator and see what I come up with wink