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Using .mov files in ADV2

Posted: Sat, 14th May 2005, 6:22pm

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When I try to use a quicktime .mov file, the file is played in ADV2 at a really high speed. Is there anyway to adjust this? This doesn't seem to happen with other video file formats. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: Sat, 14th May 2005, 6:29pm

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What's the codec of the quicktime file? Plus, the player within AlamDV2 isn't a good representation of the final output. Try exporting part of the clip to see how it looks/plays.
Posted: Sun, 15th May 2005, 1:42am

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Make sure that the frame right for everything you are doing is the same. Make sure that if the video is 30 frames/sec the option is 30 frames/sec in Alam DV.