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I/O Error and Object Expected...

Posted: Mon, 23rd May 2005, 4:11am

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I recentely got AlamDV2, and upon installing it, an error occurred.

It installs fine, but when I go to open the program after it has installed, as it installs the plugins (The circles, Squares, Flames, Lensflare and Sabres) I get an I/O Error. It constanly pops up an error that says "I/O Error" when installing the sabres specifically, the other ones I tried seemed to work okay.

After these effect are installed, I try to use the lightsabre effect, and it says something along the lines of "Object expected: Do you wish to continue?". If I say yes it doesn't work and keeps saying the same error too.

I am running on Windows XP, have a Nvidia GEForce 5600X I believe, am running in 32 bit colour, and have the Newest version of Quicktime.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and installing over the previous installment, and nothing seems to work.

Any help I could get would really be appreciated, as I need this program for a school project =/

Thanks a TON for any help anyone can give me! =)

Posted: Mon, 23rd May 2005, 9:49am

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Simon K Jones

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Please register your magic code for support.
Posted: Mon, 23rd May 2005, 4:51pm

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Where can I find my magic code?