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Shark jumping out of hot tub

Posted: Thu, 26th May 2005, 3:50am

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I'm a newbie when it comes to green screen so I was just wondering If anyone could help me with an effect involving a small fake shark jumping from a hot tub. Could I use a "green" stick attached to the shark to use to make the shark "jump" and remove it later? Would the shot have to be locked down?

Posted: Thu, 26th May 2005, 8:07am

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If you are using chromanator for this, it will need to be locked down.

Simply get some footage of this toy shark in front of a greenscreen. Then, in chromanator animate it to be at the angle you want it at and to "jump" out of the hot tub. Place that layer on top of the hotub layer. At first it will look like its jumping across the screen.
Now using garbage mattes you can matte out the shark until it gets to the water. At which point animate the garbage matte to stop taking out the head, and move to the tail as it continues to come out. When your done, add some blur to the shark so simulate motion blur.

This effect will be what you want, but will not look convincing.
To add to the effect you can do one of two things.

A. Get some stock footage of water splashing and composit it over the shark to make it look like it sprays water when it come out.

B. Use layering and the bubble, or air jets already in the hottub to create the effect. To do this add another layer of the hottub shot at the top of your layers. Then garbage matte everything out exept the water you want in front of the shark. This will create good layering to make the shot more beleivable. You can then lower the opacity just a tiny bit or add blur to make it look less like a 2D layered shot. Play around with the controls a bit.

Perhaps thats a little bit of a round-a-bout way, but it should work. Hope it made sense.
Posted: Thu, 26th May 2005, 8:30am

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Alternatively you could just shoot in a slighly different way and avoid the need for any of this, thats not to say the above idea isn't excellent just that i thought i'd give you an alternative and see what you think. I'm not sure what exaclty the scene you planned is so this might not fit but hey, it's an idea.

Instead of all the green screening and garbage mattes how about shooting from a lower angle so you cant actually see into the hot tub. That way you could have someone lie in the hot tub and throw the shark out and over the camera. it might need a few takes to get it to look right but it will look more natural than animating it unless you're very very good at animation. Of course be VERY careful of water dipping on the camera but with this idea you need not have any water in the hot tub at all for the shot where the shark jumps out. So you can cut from a shot of the shark in the tub to the low angle shot of the shark jumping out to another shot of the shark landing where ever it's supposed to land. Edit it right and it should look pretty good n not require hours of post production work. Also a low shot will be a little more dramatic if thats what you're after.