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Posted: Wed, 10th Apr 2002, 9:14pm

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Ive just integrated the new forum Ive been waiting to use for months. It has some spiffy new features I know a lot of you will like (poll, avatars, etc). The lightsabres represent your post count (hover over the sabre handle for an accurate post count).

The website accounts are now finally integrated with the forum accounts (which means no more seperate logins). If you had website and forum logins with the same name these will now be merged into one account using your forum password. If you had different usernames you will have 2 accounts, please pick one and let the other one idle. After a couple of months I will be deleting all accounts that have been inactive for a long time, so please log in once if you want your account.

I know theres a lot of people waiting for forum integration with the cinema, if all goes well this should take place over the next week.

As usual, please send all website bug reports to me at (and I want to see everyone upload an amusing avatar by the end of the week razz)
Posted: Thu, 11th Apr 2002, 2:06pm

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Love the lightsaber Idea its Great!!!!
Although i only have a stub so far sad
It would really really be cool if you could
choose the color of the saber and or type.
LIke Red-Double-sided for us Siths out there.
Just an idea. You dont got to even consider it,
you should be working on ALAM.....well...GO.. WORK!!!!
Posted: Sun, 26th Jan 2003, 11:24pm

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Bob Page

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malone wrote:

(and I want to see everyone upload an amusing avatar by the end of the week razz)
what your avatar represents Malone?