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EffectsLabDV T-shirt... IN BLACK!

Posted: Mon, 30th May 2005, 3:10am

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Any possibility of the limited-edition Tees goin' BLACK for those of us who have been seduced by the dark side..? They also hide those curry stains better, and when me cousin Wally pops by, he invariably throws a red sock into the wash which turns all the whites into a pink-ish wreck. Just wondering...
Posted: Mon, 30th May 2005, 9:18pm

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Yeah, I to would be much more interested in buying a T-shirt if it came in black.
Posted: Tue, 31st May 2005, 8:10am

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Cafepress give us a range of shirts we can add our logo to. Unfortunatly they don't have a black t-shirt option. In fact pretty much all the merchandise we can pick is pretty light, so I imagine its some sort of printing restriction.