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AlamDV2.0.7 PC

Posted: Sun, 7th Apr 2002, 10:01pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Guys,

At last, its here - the future of AlamDV. It's a bit late but it's worth the wait. As I said, I've cleared the bugs forum - we need the bugs to be well titled and accurate so they don't get posted multiple times.

This is release 2.0.7 and we hope to go straight to 2.1 next (the CD release) but if we need to we will release 2.0.8 and 2.0.9. We have 2-3 weeks to get AlamDV2 as perfect as possible and we really need your help. The CD release of AlamDV2 is very important to the future of csb-digital so it has to be really good. Malone, Tim and I would like to say thanks to everyone for your help so far - we are nearly there...

AlamDV2 2.0.7 is about 90% new code so its quite a major change. It's really worth calling it version 2.1 but we won't do that until we have all the bugs fixed. So I guess you want to know what the new features are... well here we go:-

New Render Engine.
1. The render engine is 100% new and now supports many more options. All the old standards are supported (QuickTime, AVI and Images) but we now also have the option of Export to Web and many rendering preferences including paint effects.
2. Export to Web - You can select your favorite frames in your movie by pressing ctrl-F, and when you select "Export To Web" AlamDV2 will automatically create a gallery of those frames. It creates the images, the previews and all the html for you - ready for upload onto the web. Check it out here -> Export To Web example..
3. Paint Effects - The new render engine lets you apply many different effects to your final render including Reduce Noise, Despeckle, Enhance, Oil Painting, Button, Solarize, Sharpen, Charcoal, Emboss, Edge Detection. It is also possible to add a blur to your footage - very good at killing jaggies from lightswords if you render to black and overlay in your video editor.
4. Using the new CG effects, you can now control your video just like any other effect. You can change its shape, position, scale and rotation all on the timeline which gives some great effects when you render. Great for making explosions look more powerful or creating earthquakes -> AlamDV2 Movie Distortion Movie.

New Interface/Interface Engine.
1. Finalised Skin File for every element in the program.
2. All visible text objects (menus and dialogs) are created from external files that come with the skin - this allows for different languages.
3. A new, more simple interface that makes it easier to understand the different timelines and kills off unwanted/outdated items.
4. Animation options so users can have quad control like AlamDV1 or AlamDV2 (also changed see below).
5. The quad is modified using both mouse button (ctrl-click for right mouse on the Mac). Left mouse for normal dragging. Right mouse for rotate, 3D sides and scale. Makes everything a lot easier.
6. The amount of one screen graphics has been reduced to make it more zippy and it's also much prettier.
7. All sliders that control frames movement now stick to frames - making everything feel nicer. The Timeline slider (at the top of the timeline) and the main slider both update the render unless you right click for quick movement. The timeline also displays a frame as a block rather than just a line. It's all dynamic and much more predictable.
8. Timelines reworked.

New Plugin import engine.
1. Creates backups of your .cst files before installing new effects.
2. Effects warning on Mac versions if you try to add too many plugins.
3. Progress bar now shows progress for each image of each plugins - much more reliable and easier to understand.

1. A load of updates to the timeline which gives you more predictable control.
2. Preferences reworked.
3. QuickTime and AVI are no longer split on the import dialog. Its now nice and simple and the same on Mac and PC platforms. Movie, Image Stream or Still Image. (AlamDV auto detects the file type)

There are also a load of other updates - you'll see them as you go along.

During the next couple of days we will also be finishing the Macintosh version and uploading the Skin Template and Language files. I also have some new plugins to upload and we will be making a quickstart tutorial for AlamDV2 2.0.7.

It's going to be busy around here - things are about to go crazy.

Have fun.

Schwar, Malone and Tim.