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Sad News :(

Posted: Mon, 1st Apr 2002, 10:19am

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Im sorry to annouce that AlamDV 2.0.7 has been postponed due to our lead programmer having a complete mental breakdown. At about 1am english time schwar was taken to the nearest lunatic asylum after smashing all his computers with his oversized legs. It appears that after another all night coding session the vast amounts of energy drinks finally got to him. Witnesses from all over Norwich heard him screaming "i dont know when it will be done!" and "tween this!" before being finally hauled away whilst foaming at the mouth. April 1st 2002 will go down in history as the day England lost one of its best programmers to the madness

In light of this event I shall be leaving csb-digital to take up a job at the cake factory, whilst Tim has been offered a job desiging the next apple system. The job of programming AlamDV has now been left to a half eaten Whopper meal from BKing. We are sure it will do a fine job and it hopes to have it released in a few thousand years after it has evolved enough to use a keyboard.
Posted: Sat, 21st Jun 2003, 7:27pm

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Posted: Wed, 2nd Jul 2003, 12:40am

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Wow, the days CSB took themselves seriously!